Canada’s Trusted and Recognized WHMIS Training™ makes it quick and super-simple for Canadian Workers to get their WHMIS Certificate and employers to train their workers with simple-to-use, standards-compliant WHMIS Training solutions.

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Popular Online Certification Programs

Our Online WHMIS Certification Training courses are updated to include the required GHS components (WHMIS 2015). They’re modern, up to date, compliant, and will be universally recognized by employers who strive to meet the demands of the legislation in all jurisdictions.

Online WHMIS Certification

WHMIS for Workers

Get WHMIS Certified fast with our easy-to-use, Canadian-Standards compliant Online WHMIS Certification Training.


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Online WHMIS Certification for Health Care Workers

WHMIS for Health Care

Get WHMIS Certified fast with our easy-to-use, Canadian-Standards compliant Online WHMIS for Health Care Workers Training.


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Lift Truck Online Certification Training

Lift Truck Operator

Get Lift Truck Certified fast with our easy-to-use CSA B335-15 Standards compliant Online Lift Truck Operator Training.


Get Lift Truck Certified

Trusted and Recognized by Canadians is the perfect online WHMIS training solution for workers who need to get their WHMIS certificate quickly, without the hassles of traditional training methods. Our online WHMIS training solution is perfect for:

  • Workers who are starting new jobs and need their WHMIS certificate prior to starting

  • Workers who have been directed by their current employers to obtain a WHMIS certificate

  • Workers who want to improve their WHMIS safety knowledge and skills

  • Self-employed workers and small teams that need WHMIS certificates

  • Employers who need to provide WHMIS training to their workers quickly and affordably

  • Employment agencies who need to quickly train their placements in WHMIS