WHMIS Training Materials Kit

A downloadable WHMIS Training Materials Kit containing everything you need to easily and effectively facilitate engaging WHMIS training, conveniently at your workplace.

Everything You Need to Train Your Workers in WHMIS

Our easy-to-use, fully compliant WHMIS training kit gives you everything you need to facilitate engaging and compliant, high-quality WHMIS training in your workplace. With the super convenient ability to download and reproduce an Instructor’s Manual, Participant Workbooks, Certificate templates and several other useful WHMIS training tools, you’ll be able to get your workforce trained quickly and painlessly. Download the Kit instantly after purchase.

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What’s Included in the WHMIS Training Kit

The WHMIS Training Kit is jam-packed with tons of useful WHMIS Training tools.

Power Point Presentation

A high-quality, compliant, and fully customizable WHMIS Training Power Point Presentation lets you deliver comprehensive, classroom-based WHMIS training to your workforce with ease and simplicity.

This 100+ slide presentation can be used as-is, or can quickly be customized to reflect details that are specific to your workplace.

WHMIS Instructor Manual

A detailed WHMIS Instructor Manual that will guide you through the process of delivering a scripted, and extremely effective WHMIS training presentation to your workforce.

The Instructor Manual is perfectly aligned with the included PowerPoint Presentation and Student Workbook, eliminating any confusion, and allowing you to deliver your WHMIS training as consistently as possible.

Student Workbook

A detailed Student Workbook that can be used as a guide/resource during classroom training, or as a stand alone, self-teach training tool.

As with the WHMIS Training Instructor’s Manual, the Student Workbook is perfectly aligned with all of the content contained within the training kit. This eliminates confusion and allows the consistent delivery of all required WHMIS training content.

Quiz Templates

A final quiz that can be taken by your workers after completing the training, in order to test their knowledge about WHMIS.

Assessing a workers knowledge about WHMIS is an important measure that employers must take in order to demonstrate due diligence.

The quiz is fully customizable so that you can include details that are specific to your workplace in order to further improve your due diligence.

WHMIS Certificate Templates

The included dynamic and static certificate templates allow you to quickly create and provide WHMIS training certificates of completion to your workers after they’ve successfully completed the course.

And Much More…

WHMIS Training Materials Kit

$349Regular $399
  • Customizable, Compliant WHMIS PowerPoint Presentation
  • WHMIS Instructor’s Manual
  • WHMIS for Workers Student Workbook
  • Final Assessment and Assessment Key (Quiz/Exam)
  • Attendance/Sign In Templates
  • Certificate Templates
  • WHMIS Reference Card
  • Hi-Resolution Posters
  • WHMIS Compliance Check List
  • Training Matrix
  • Instantly Available After Purchase via Download

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the WHMIS Training Kit compliant with the legislation?

Yes. The WHMIS Training Kit contents have been developed by industry-leading safety professionals with years of experience. The Kit covers the new GHS-integrated WHMIS 2015.

Can I customize the content contained within the WHMIS Training Kit?

The power points contained in our training kits are fully customizable! In fact, we encourage you to customize the content in our kits to contain information that’s specific to your workplace.

Can I share the training materials?

No. Training materials cannot be shared between companies and colleagues. If you’d like more details about specific licensing details, contact us.

Will you send me the contents of the WHMIS Training Kit in the mail?

We do not provide physical copies of training content. All of our training kits are downloadable and can be accessed instantly after purchase.

How many times can I train my workers with this WHMIS Training Kit?

You can train your employees an unlimited number of times with our training kits. This is one of the reasons that make our training kits one of the most effective, inexpensive ways to train your workforce.

I’m a consultant. Can I use this Kit to train clients?

Definitely not. You cannot purchase our kits and start training clients. Our training kits are meant for employers wishing to train their employees.

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