Free WHMIS 2015 Training: The Difference Between Price and Value

A very common question we get is, “Do you offer free WHMIS 2015 Training”? The simple answer is, no, we do not.

If you’ve been in the workforce for any length of time and you’re a Canadian worker, you’ve almost certainly heard of WHMIS. You may have even taken WHMIS training… multiple times, even. You probably also know that Canada integrated components of the GHS into WHMIS in 2015, and the system is now referred to as WHMIS 2015. As a result of this, we sometimes get asked, “Do you offer free WHMIS 2015 training”?

The simple answer is, no. While it may initially sound appealing to get your WHMIS 2015 training at no cost, you need to consider the value, or lack thereof, if you do so.

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Do I Need WHMIS 2015 Training

The question, “Do I need WHMIS training?” is asked often. This is relatively easy to determine if you can answer the following two questions:

  1. Are you a Canadian worker?
  2. Do you work with or in close proximity to hazardous products?

If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then you most certainly need to be trained in WHMIS 2015.

Here are just a few examples of employees who need WHMIS training:

  • Factory workers
  • Manufacturing workers
  • Office workers
  • Healthcare workers
  • Food service industry workers
  • Automotive professionals
  • Construction workers
  • Construction workers

When you consider that you’ll find hazardous products in nearly every industry in Canada, it’s easy to conclude that the majority of workers throughout Canada will require WHMIS 2015 training at some point throughout their careers.

Is Free WHMIS 2015 Training Worth it?

We all love the idea of saving money, and it’s natural for you to spend some time looking online for free WHMIS 2015 training. While you may come across one or a couple of free options, the question becomes, “is it worth it”?

When you look closely at the value you’re getting, the answer is usually no.

One of the biggest potential problems with free WHMIS 2015 training is the completeness and quality of the content.

Free products on the web typically are created once with very little effort and then rarely or never updated. The producers have little to no incentive to make updates, meaning you’re left with out-of-date content that is missing important, required information.

You might end up spending time to take the outdated training only to have your employer reject your certificate once you present it.

There are additional reasons that free training doesn’t compare to legitimate training providers. Have a look at the comparison table below to see several more.

Do You Need to Train Your Workers in 2015

If you’re an employer who needs to provide your staff with WHMIS 2015 training, you need comprehensive but simple tools that let you easily enroll workers, track training, and automate certificate management.

Free WHMIS 2015 training does not allow for this. With free training, there is zero trackability, no training management tools, no visibility, and no certificate storage options. This means that if an occupational health and safety inspector visits your facility and asks to show proof of training, you may not be able to provide this. Whereas a high-quality paid solution will allow you to simply log into a group leader account and print the employee training certificates in just a few minutes.

Free WHMIS 2015 Training vs.

At, we believe that value is more important than price alone when it comes to your WHMIS training. This is the reason we provide tremendous value to both employers who need to train their workers as well as individuals getting certified. All at a great, low price.

Features and Benefits Free WHMIS 2015 Training™
Professionally Designed Certificate w/Certificate ID No Yes
Certificate Stored in Account No Yes, can access certificate at any time through training account.
Re-Print Certificates No Yes, can view and print certificates from training account.
Meets Compliance Standards for General Training ? Yes
High-Quality Course Content and Video No Yes. Modern, high-quality course content and videos.
Manage Worker Training No Yes. Complete training management.
Track Worker Training Progress No Yes. Track workers’ training progress easily through a group leader account.
View / Print Worker Certificates No Yes
Automated Record-Keeping No Yes
Worker Follow Up Notifications No Yes. Send notifications to your workers to remind them to complete their training.
Worker Training Report No Yes. View training details and status via a powerful training report.
Export Training Reports No Yes. Export training records to PDF and Excel.
Continuous Improvement No Yes. Continuously improving all aspects of the experience for workers and companies.
Boring Yes No. Our training is not boring like others. Learners actually enjoy it!