Infographic WHMIS Pictograms

WHMIS Pictograms

WHMIS pictograms are simple graphic images that are intended to highlight the types of hazards present in various hazardous products. A quick glance at a pictogram, such as flammable, corrosive or health hazard, will alert the user of the hazardous product of the potential dangers and compel him/her to take the requisite precautions.

Pictograms were introduced into WHMIS in 2015 when Canada integrated the GHS into WHMIS. They are replacements for the old WHMIS 1988 symbols.

Except for the biohazardous infectious materials pictogram, all the WHMIS pictograms are made of a distinctive red “square-set-on-one-of-its-points” border and have the symbol representing the hazard associated with a product inside the border.

Pictograms are required to be a significant highlight contain in WHMIS training, which is required by any Canadian worker who may come in contact with or work around hazardous products.

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