WHMIS 2023 Training | Staying up-to-date with WHMIS Requirements

As the new year approaches, we reflect on our 2022 achievements and mentally prepare for what we intend to tackle in 2023. One of the first areas in our lives we tend to focus on is our careers. And if you’re a Canadian worker, you likely already know that WHMIS can be an important component of your job and are probably wondering, “Do I need WHMIS 2023 training”?

Moreover, if you’re an employer, you’re probably asking, “Do I need to provide my workers with WHMIS training in 2023”?

We’re here to help answer those questions!

Get WHMIS Certified

Is There a New “WHMIS 2023 Training”?

WHMIS was updated in 2015 to align with GHS, The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. After this alignment, it was important to distinguish between the “old” and the “new” WHMIS. So the original system started being referred to as WHMIS 1988 (because it came into effect in 1988), and the new system started being referred to as WHMIS 2015.

Understandably, this resulted in some workers and employers believing that a “new” WHMIS could be introduced annually.

So if you’ve been reading articles every year since 2015 with the headline, “Is there a new WHMIS for 20XX” then you’re used to getting the simple answer, “No – there’s no new WHMIS.”

Well, that’s finally changed. The answer is YES. There IS a new WHMIS for 2023.

To clarify, in December 2022, WHMIS was again updated to align with newer revisions of the GHS.

For most workplaces, the most notable impact of the change from WHMIS 2015 to the amended WHMIS is the adoption of a new physical hazard class (Chemicals Under Pressure), the adoption of a non-flammable aerosols hazard category, and the new sub-categories for flammable gases.
What does this mean for training?

Who Needs Updated WHMIS Training in 2023

We often hear the following question: When does WHMIS training expire, and how often do workers need to take it?

Since there’s nothing in the legislation that specifies how often workers need training, it’s left up to an employer to determine the frequency of WHMIS training for their workforce. Employers determine training frequency based on several factors.

You can learn more about when WHMIS “expires” by visiting this post.

BUT, it’s essential to note that, since there have been changes to WHMIS, workers WILL need to get updated training.

Best Practices

Even though specific training frequency is not outlined in the legislation, some best practices and recommendations can be followed to help keep your workers safe and stay compliant.

It’s often recommended that workers receive WHMIS training annually. Following this recommendation is ideal for some employers since it helps to ensure that workers always know how to protect themselves from hazardous products.

Some companies will provide training less frequently than annually, which can be perfectly fine. As mentioned, the frequency with which workers will need training depends on many factors specific to the workplace. 

Many agree that exceeding two to three years without WHMIS training is too long and can result in significant issues. Going this long without training your employees can increase their risk of illness or injury. It can also increase your company’s risk of penalties from your jurisdiction’s health and safety authority.

WHMIS Training Options in 2023

Thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever for workers to get their WHMIS certificate or for employers to train their workers in 2023!

If you’re a worker, you can take convenient, self-paced WHMIS courses online and get your certificates instantly after passing. This means you can get your certificate from the comfort of your home when it’s most convenient for you.

Employers can train their workers using traditional instructor-led training, WHMIS videos, and online WHMIS training for the ultimate time and cost-saving convenience.

Instructor-led training sessions can be supplemented with high-quality training materials that save your internal instructors time and help provide consistent training every time.

If you want to train your workers internally but don’t feel like you have the skills quite yet, you can take a convenient online WHMIS instructor course.

Wrap Up

Since there is an updated WHMIS, Canadian workers will need to be trained in WHMIS in 2023 on the updated system.

Remember, any worker who works with or around hazardous products needs WHMIS training BEFORE being exposed to those products. 

Online WHMIS certification is an excellent option if you’re a worker who needs to take WHMIS training for the first time in 2023 or if you need an updated certificate. You can complete the training and get your certificate in around one hour with a trusted and recognized provider.

If you’re a company that needs to train its workforce, you have many options, including instructor-led training, training videos, and even online training, if you want to automate the WHMIS training process.

Feel free to contact us via live chat, email, or phone if you have questions about WHMIS or any of our Canada Online Safety Training programs or if there’s anything else we can do to help.