WHMIS 2024 Training: New WHMIS Requirements for the New Year?

As 2023 wraps up and we prepare our resolutions for the new year, as Canadian workers and employers, we can’t escape the lingering questions that re-surface at the start of each year: do I need WHMIS training? Do I need to train my workers in WHMIS? Is there such a thing as WHMIS 2024 training?

After all, WHMIS was updated in 2023; shouldn’t it be updated again this year?

In this post, we’re going to answer all of those questions for you and more.

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Is There a New “WHMIS 2024 Training?”

We’ll get to the answer on whether there’s a new WHMIS this year in a minute, but first, we need to take a super-quick trip down memory lane.

As you likely already know, WHMIS was updated in 2015 to align with GHS, The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. For several years after, WHMIS was referred to as “WHMIS 2015”. This was because it was important to distinguish between the “old” and the “new” WHMIS. The old system was then referred to as WHMIS 1988 (because it came into effect in 1988).

Contrary to what many workers and employers believe, WHMIS was not updated every year after this. In fact, it was only updated for the first time since 2015 in December 2022. The December 2022 WHMIS updates bring it in alignment with one of the more recent revisions of the GHS.

Ok, that’s enough history for today.

The simple answer to the question. “Is there a new WHMIS 2024 training?” is… Drumroll…

No. WHMIS hasn’t been updated again.

BUT… That doesn’t mean that you don’t need to update your WHMIS training this year.

Read on to find out if you do..

Best Practices and Recommendations for WHMIS Training

It can often be hard to find a clear answer on how often a worker needs to take WHMIS training. Luckily, there are best practices and recommendations that can be followed to help stay compliant.

Many in the industry recommend that workers take WHMIS training at least annually. This is especially important if they’re working directly with hazardous products rather than just in close proximity to them.

Many employers follow this recommendation since it helps ensure their workers always have the knowledge to protect themselves and their coworkers from the risks associated with hazardous products.

Some employers will provide training less frequently than annually, and this can be perfectly fine. The frequency at which workers will need training is dependent on a lot of factors that are specific to the workplace.

It’s generally agreed upon that going beyond three years without WHMIS training is a bad idea since this can increase the risk of illness and injury from hazardous products. It also increases a company’s risk of penalties from its jurisdiction’s health and safety authority.

Do You Need to Get a WHMIS Certificate in 2024?

If you’re a worker in Canada and you’ll be working with or in close proximity to hazardous products, you’ll need WHMIS training.

Luckily, taking WHMIS training for the first time or updating your WHMIS certificate in 2024 has never been easier.

You can now use online training as an affordable and super-convenient option that’s becoming increasingly recognized by some of the largest companies in Canada. This beats the hassle of finding and attending an expensive, time-consuming classroom training session. Moreover, since the whole COVID-19 ordeal in 2020, the availability of classroom training has dropped significantly.

Taking the training with a reputable, trusted, and recognized training provider will ensure that your employer will accept your certificate without issue.

Training Your Workers in 2024

Need to train your workers? No worries! There are a ton of ways you can accomplish this with solutions that fit each and every scenario, including using traditional instructor-led training, WHMIS videos, and, for the ultimate time and cost-saving convenience, online WHMIS training.

Instructor-led training sessions can be supplemented with high-quality training materials that save your internal instructors time and help provide consistent training every time.

If you want to train your workers internally but don’t feel like you have the skills quite yet, you can take a convenient online WHMIS instructor course.

Final Thoughts

Even though there’s no updated “WHMIS 2024 training”, it doesn’t mean that workers in Canada won’t need to be trained in WHMIS this year.

If you’re a worker who needs to take WHMIS training for the first time in 2024 or you need an updated certificate, online training is an excellent option. With our trusted and recognized online WHMIS certification training, you can complete the training and get your certificate in around one hour.

If you’re a company that needs to train its workforce, you have many options that include instructor-led training, training videos, and even online training if you want to automate the WHMIS training process.

If you’re not sure which solution works best for you, we’re happy to give you a hand in figuring it out. Just reach out to us via live chat or our contact page here.